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Clean Neighborhood

A Solution to Every Need to Make Parking Easy for Your Community 

PAL Offers a Combination of Fully Customized Software and Hardware Solutions 

Through its agile business approach, PAL offers residential communities an in depth analysis of their current state requirement followed by recommended solutions using innovative hardware and white-label software that matches the property needs.

The solutions we provide aids in solving various problems that are frequently faced by residential properties like designating a specific slot to a specific owner, quick and automated screening of visitors, controlling entrance while differentiating between owners, visitors, and service providers as well as different other issues depending on the property unique case. 

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Assignment of Specific Slots to

Security Camera

Quick and Integrated Security System for Screening

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Unique Access Control Solution for Services and Visitors

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Interested in learning more about our solutions for Residential Communities? Our market development team is ready to help.

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